Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Andy: more 1985

Jonathan Webber was kind enough to send some great photos of Andy from our time in Paris, around 1985. Mike Smith became a very close friend for Andy over the years. As John wrote "they are actually from Mike Smith's legendary box of pictures from back then".
I can't believe how young everyone was.

Andy, Mike, and Jonathan. This looks to be in the local cafe/bar across from the studio, "Les Mirage".

Andy and Brendan.

Andy, Linzi

Andy standing beside a gigantic xerox of a brithday card Mike Smith drew for him. Mike caricatured most of the people of the studio at the time, all wishing Andy a happy birthday. I've got a copy of the drawing around here, so I'll scan it an upload it soon. I think this might be in '84.

Tapani Knuutila, unknown girl, Dino, Andy, Johathan. Reg and Mike in the foreground. That looks like Roger Chiasson in the background (beard).

I'm not sure where this is. Could be Paris, but Mike had returned to London in '85, and it could've been a trip that people made up there to visit him at the time. Maybe someone can clarify....


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