Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Andy: Dave Smith photo

Dave Smith has sent this great photo. It looks like a still from a classic 80's film.



At 4:43 PM, Blogger TotalD said...

I first met Linzi on a trip to NY to go to Saatchi & Saatchi for a commercial Andy had boarded and laid out. We met on the plane and decided to share a ride to the hotel but we got hooked into sharing some limo this guy was borrowing and after a while of sitting there waiting with these two kind of NY thugs who were driving the car we decided to get out and get a taxi. The taxi we got had the trunk open ,smacking the body and a dead cylinder so that every mile ore so the gas would back up into the muffler and explode. It was the scarriest taxi ride I had ever taken and all I remembered was the three of us bouncing up and down the freeway in this cab that would go "BOOM" every few minutes.

She is not only beautiful but friendly , talented and whole lot of fun to hang around. We ended up in Greenwich eatery as I remember at some restaurant where you could draw on the paper table clothes. Andy arrived the next day having stayed up all night to whip out these disgustingly gorgeous layouts but unfortunately he somehow missed his flight so the head of Passion Pictures Andrew put Andy on the Concorde. l He arrived on time at the meeting at S&S trying to hide the smile on his face. Her had flown over sitting behind Richard Dreyfuss you see while sipping the free Dom Perignon . Lol! He was so jazzed at getting to fly supersonic he was in a terrific mood. He loved that and nobody said anything more about it because the meeting had gone so well.


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